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Bosch control panel

Motion PIR detectors

Wireless capability

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We guarantee a smooth installation of your home alarm system, and will show you how to use its features.  We offer complimentary assessments & free written quotes, for all surveillance installations in Melbourne and Sydney.

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  • World class service
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  • 3 year manufacturer warranty
  • Prompt professional service
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Home Security Systems
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Solution 880

1 xSolution 880 Alarm Panel

1 x LCD Code Pad

3 x Gen2 Quad PIR Detectors Blue Line

1 x External siren, horn and blue strobe

2 x Remote controls/Keyfobs

1 x Internal screamer

1 x Plug pack and 12v battery

Most Popular

Solution 880 Wireless

1 x Bosch Solution 880 Ultima

1 x LCD Code Pad

2 x Wireless PIR Detectors

1 x wireless receiver

2 x Remote controls/Keyfobs

1 x Siren kit: Standard or slimline

1 x Internal screamer, plug pack + 12V battery

Solution 16 plus

1 x 16 Zone Solution alarm panel

1 x LCD backlit keypad – white

6 x Gen2 quad detectors

1 x External siren, horn and blue strobe

2 x Remote controls/Keyfobs

1 x Internal screamer

1 x Plug pack + 12V battery



Peace of Mind

Locks on your doors and windows can only do so much to make you feel safe and secure. If you really want to scare off intruders and make sure break-ins and vandalism are noticed immediately, then you need an alarm system.

Prevention from Break-Ins

The best way to prevent a stranger from breaking in is to get an intruder prevention alert.  We provide installations in Melbourne.  They are designed to keep you and your family protected.  It can alert both you and the police to breaches in your home’s doors or windows.  If you want a proper burglar prevention plan, you need to rely on more than just a simple alert.

A comprehensive prevention pairs a home alarm system with home cameras. That way, if the intruder is scared off, they can still be caught on camera. This helps to prevent future break-ins. Our theft prevention is always designed to work with other measures to make sure your entire home is protected.

When your home is protected by professionally installed theft-prevention, it deters criminal activity. Having the assurance of professional installers also helps you to feel safer and without the need for worry.

Intruder Alerts

Our burglar alerts are typically wired to the doors and windows. They are equipped with motion sensing technology that detects forced entry or breakage. When a breach is detected, the home security systems will send out a loud audio cue or recorded warning message. We can also set them to notify the police when the alert is set off.

The cameras that come as part of our comprehensive theft prevention can record hours of footage. This footage can be replayed at your convenience or you can access a live feed from a laptop or portable device with an app we provide. This lets you access your information remotely so you can safeguard your home and possessions even when you are not on the premises.

We Provide Quality and Convenience

We have offices in Melbourne and Sydney. We can provide alert installations your home or business in these cities or the surrounding areas. We only use high quality products that are built to last and guaranteed to work properly.

In Sydney, installation will be performed by our service professionals. If you are installing in Melbourne, or if you have questions, our customer care specialists are always ready to assist you.

We also have the best prices. For the high grade quality equipment and professional, courteous service you receive from us, our prices cannot be matched.

We offer numerous types of alarm systems, but we can also customize your package to suit your needs and your budget.  Talk to one of our professional consultants today, and we can help you find one that is right for you.

Homeowners and business owners have felt the safety that comes from our expertly installed theft prevention. And when you buy from us, you too will feel assured knowing your home and goods are protected.

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